What's Happening 

Update: "The provision of safe water, sanitation and hygienic conditions is essential to protecting human health during all infectious disease outbreaks, including the COVID-19 outbreak." -Worldwide Health Organization 

Without access to Water, sanitation and hygiene (W.A.S.H) the residents of...

Currently, many families and individuals in the Appalachia area do not have access to safe and dependable water sources.  Towns that do have public water systems still face many problems such as pipes bursting due to failing infrastructures and compromised water.  The water sources are compromised due to the lack of water treatments, ground water exposures and chemicals. In addition, there are ongoing water boil advisories that have lasted for years.  Frequently, there are occasions that leave residents and towns without water for weeks at a time. Many communities lack the funds and resources to provide proper water treatment and testing of the public water sources.  Other residents in the Appalachia area do not have access to any public water source. What this means for the residents of the Appalachia area is the need to fill up water tanks and bottles by a mountain spring for all their water needs. This is a daunting task to drive to the water source, fill the tanks and transfer the water to the home water containment system. This task can prevent low income families from obtaining water due to not having a reliable vehicle or lack of gas money.  For the elderly, people with disabilities or homebound, obtaining water is difficult at best. They often have limited or no access to water for daily needs such as flushing toilets, cleaning, drinking and cooking. In addition to the lack of safe water, the residents in these communities do not have educational resources readily available pertaining to water safety, sustainability, and green living. 


Who We Are

Appalachia Mountain Flows Corp., is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation with the purpose to provide families and individuals with access to clean, safe drinking water and education on sustainability.  


Future Activities

Demonstration House

Appalachia Mountain Flows' demonstration house and garden is built and maintained in a practical sustainable way that any person in the community could duplicate.

Once the house has been fully upgraded, it will be used as sustainable demonstration house for the community to implement ideas into their own homes. It will include rain water cisterns, filters, low flow toilets and showerheads, energy efficient windows and appliances. 

Education and Outreach

Appalachia Mountain Flows Corp. will provide access to models of sustainable living and water purification that the community can view techniques to implement in their homes.  Through educational seminars, materials, and hands on events, Appalachia Mountain Flows Corp. will provide access to educational resources such as sustainability, rainwater collection, water filters, cisterns, nutrition, green building and energy.  In addition, Appalachia Mountain Flows Corp. will assist residents with the acquisition of water, filters and testing kits. Appalachia Mountain Flows Corp. will support residents of the region in raising awareness and promoting self-advocacy to make positive changes in their communities.  

Appalachia Mountain Flows Corp. will begin operation in McDowell County, West Virginia and then expand to include other counties in the future. 


Appalchia Mountain Flows will create our own STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education program for students across the Appalachia. The demonstration house will teach the students how important implementing sustainable options into homes are and how to do so. 

The students will be able to learn hands on through our interactive STEM program about sustainablity, clean water, and growing food.